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    Management idea

    Employees first, customers second, shareholders third;

    Policy and guide line

    Strengthen management to ensure profits; Win the market with flexible strategies, expand the scale and increase the strength;

    Employment rules

    Inclusive sharing, teamwork, gratitude for everything, focus on the extreme and take immediate action;


    The company adheres to the guiding ideology of "survival by quality and development by innovation", and always puts quality and innovation in the first place.


    In the future, we will increase investment, further expand and strengthen, thoroughly implement the scientific outlook on development, faithfully implement national laws and business policies, base ourselves on reality, focus on tapping potential and increasing efficiency, controlling losses and increasing profits, promote democratic management of enterprises, constantly strengthen self-building, and help China's development. Through alliance restructuring, we will be listed on the science and technology innovation board.

    Jiangmen Longxing Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.


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